The flexible working area 

C-MOTION is a compact and ergonomic mounting system for pendants. It facilitates maximum flexiblity for the use an all-in-one PC or monitor, with a keyboard and mouse.

In this way it is easy to create a complete Patient Data Management System (PDMS) workstation next to the patients’ bed, the ICU or the OR.

The center of mass is located in the center of the arch, which ensures optimal stability and smooth movement.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomisch ontwerp


C-MOTION has an ergonomic design with four adjustment options. Both the keyboard tray and the PC are height adjustable and can be tilted forward and backward. This enables a compact or more efficient working area. The keyboard tray has a mouse tray that can be extended on both the left and right side.

The freedom of motion 


330º radius


Smart cable management

Designed just for you

C-motion has rounded shapes. The keyboard tray is made of plastic and has rounded corners. Because it is also light and soft, it is not an obstruction to users.

Smart cable management

The cabling, and optionally the power supply of the PC, can be neatly concealed. This integrated cable management in C-MOTION protects against external influences and ensures a clean and tidy workplace.

Geïntegreerd kabelmanagement

De bekabeling en de voeding van de all-in-one PC kunnen netjes worden weggewerkt. Dit geïntegreerde kabelmanagement in de houder van de C-Motion zorgt onder andere voor een goede hygiëne en het wordt beschermt tegen externe invloeden. De C-Motion heeft ronde vormen en geen uitgestekende delen.